Rate: $150/hour + travel + expenses

Current Clients Include:

The old adage says: A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  For that reason, personal challenges in the work place can often create professional and organizational obstacles.  A mental health professional can identify and diagnose unhealthy patterns then offer effective techniques to help your organization grow stronger from the inside out, person by person.  Link by link.

I serve congregations and organizations seeking to increase their knowledge of challenging events and situations or simply wanting to offer their members and employees informed, effective teaching on how to bring and maintain their best self at work.

Frequently requested presentations include:


* Resiliency: The Power to Bounce Back

* Homecoming: How to Connect With and Reach Today's Prodigals


* Let There Be Peace: Using Conflict to Get Closer

* Inside Out: Creating a Safe Environment for Ourselves and Our Communities


* The Heart Speaks: Learning the Language of Emotion – Part I


* Heart to Heart: Building Bonds That Last – Part II 

         (Follow up presentation to “The Heart Speaks”)

* Darkness is My Closest Friend: Teenagers, Depression, and Suicide 

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