Fees for Services:

50-minute session: $175

Sliding scale may be available on a case-by-case basis


CLICK HERE for intake forms.  Please print, fill out to the best of your ability and bring with you to your first session.

In our first session, we'll talk through your reason(s) for seeking counseling and your goal(s) for the counseling process.  This will give us an opportunity to examine your goals alongside my skills and make sure that we are a "match." This determination is largely up to you.  If you feel comfortable and at ease, that's a good sign that it's a match.  If so, we'll decide on days and times to meet.  If after our first session, you feel another professional would better suit your needs, I will make a referral with your goals in mind. Your care and healing are my first priority.

For the first couple of sessions, we'll talk about your history and the formative experiences, lessons, and decisions that influenced who you are.  After that, our sessions will be structured around what you bring into therapy.  Perhaps there's an area in your past that you feel needs attention; perhaps you had an experience that week that produced a strong reaction in you.  I will focus on what is important to you.

People often seek therapy for support, care, and the healing techniques a professional can offer.  These are all realistic and healthy expectations. Therapy can also provide a safe place for challenge.  At our healthiest, there is congruency between what we say and do, between what we value and what we choose.  When we discover incongruences in our work together, we can explore those in safety and with compassion.   

Counseling, at its core, is a relationship between you and your therapist.   We are wounded in relationship, and we heal in relationship.  Hurt people hurt people.  And healed people heal people.

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