¡Arroz con pollo!

¡Arroz con pollo! 💃🏻 (Chicken with rice) Four thighs, seasoned, browned, then set aside. Add all these things to the pan, chopped up: Onion, yellow bell pepper, jalapeño, garlic, tomato, cilantro, and a chipotle pepper in adobo. Sweat 'em! Add salt, pepper, cumin, and oregano. Combine. Add 1 cup of white rice. Stir it up! Add 2 cups chicken stock, nestle the chicken back in, and put the lid on your #lodgecastiron 10.25" #skillet. Turn down the heat to a simmer and set a timer for 25 min. ¡Disfruten! (Enjoy!) 😊#whatdoesthishavetodowithmentalhealth #LEGACY That's what. My mother gave me many gifts in the form of her teachings and her DNA, but as I grew into adulthood, I began to see that there were traits and patterns that I did NOT want to continue in my own life. So I engaged in what we call *individuation,* the process of becoming an individual... Keeping what works, leaving behind what doesn't. We are not obliged to become THEM (our #parents). We have a responsibility to become OURSELVES. And that means we must be #intentional about their internalized influence in our lives ... Sorry Mama, I'm leaving behind the fiery temper, dogmatic religion, and disorganization. But, among many other gifts, the Arroz con Pollo is here to stay. ❤️💛💙 #arrozconpollo #castironcounselor #individuation

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